Urban smartness

Don’t get confused with Falernum while you are in Værnedamsvej, Copenhagen as it is a wine shop as well as a restaurant too. It is actually the melting spot where all the good things of life mix up. Surely situated in very busy and crowded location, the place is also a bit crowded enough that will give you a perfect place for casual talk or flirt. The coziness and informal ambience of the place undoubtedly allure you to fall from as you just can’t finish in a single glass.

Even here you will get the chance to taste your wine even before you jump over it. Day by day the popularity of the wine bar cum restaurant is increasing as the locals just love this place for its unique low-profile and lack of pretention of the atmosphere. The fashionable locals just love the place to spend small hours during the weekend on the long wooden tables, enjoying beer, coffee and tapas as well as with the wide selection of wine.