Avant garde of contemporary art & design

With the collaborative effort of Frankfurt gallerist Anita Beckers and Frankfurt art designer and dealer Frank Landau, FAVORITES is going to be opened with the credo of an interesting crossover between art and design depicted from the history of last fifty years. It will start in this fall of 2015 in the prime location of the inner city of Frankfurt at Braubachstrasse 9. It is the first time that Beckers and Landau will jointly pool their strengths, creativity and experience in this art gallery though earlier they have individual international success. The prima facie of this joint venture is to enhance the Frankfurt scenario of art and design with the new impulse and presenting themselves in the international field of exhibitions.

As per their plan in September 2015, both of them will present some of their favorite art pieces in this new gallery space and the exhibitions will be held both alternatively and collectively with the presentation of the avant garde to contemporary art and design through visual and video.