Kohlhöfen 8,
20355 Hamburg,


© Image Courtesy of Feinkunst Kruger

Looking for an alternative world

Through a combination of images, an alternative history can be created for the posterity. Same goes with the music and films. By amalgamating different pieces of art, it is possible to experience nostalgia for a thing that never existed. In order to replicate this motive Feinkunst-Kruger Gallery has been established. Collective pieces of art can give a way of expression with narrative symbols. Distant emotional connection can be experienced with the piece of art. If every pieces of art is collected adequately then it can easily fall in to right place in order to create a complete picture. Distinctive connection and codes can be observed with these images. It can be considered as the touch bearer of personal reality. Evocative qualities of these images are quite unimaginable.

From the year 2008, more than 100 exhibitions have been held in the Feinkunst-Kruger Gallery. Both the Europe and Germany have been shown in the light of the artists. Contemporary art from international artists have been featured in this gallery. Different platform of media can be witnessed here naturally. Prime focus has been given on the issues of drawing and painting more importantly. One of the prime motives of this gallery is to promote the young artists.