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© Image courtesy of Film Museum

Redefining Film & Culture

The Film Museum in Vienna is the result of joint venture of film artist Peter Kubelka and the film historian Peter konlechner who started their journey in this genre in 1964with the aim of creating a film museum where along with film collection there would be research center, archive and screening room of the best quality. Their effective endeavour within a short period of time had become successful to amass an impressive collection of film reels as it was their sole commitment to each other to preserve and restore in case of needs. Their special endeavour has become so successful that it has now converted as the Austrian Film Museum (OeFM) which is now the most wide-ranging public film library in Austria which is now boasted by the filmic icon Martin Scorsese who is glorifying the institute as the honorary president.

The museum treats all kinds of reels with equal important including film stills, news reels along with other film-related tidbits and it has four special types of collections such as avant-garde Austrian film since 1950, avant-garde of non-industrial films, films of Soviet Russia between 1918 and 1945 and “film exile” or workings by émigrés from Eastern and Central Europe. After the retirement of the two founders the film museum is in safe hand with film journalist and former director of Viennale Alexander Horwath.