Give a makeover like hipster

In Florence, Flo Concept Store is a social cooperative located in Lungarno Corsini which is just tucked in behind the more famed via Tornabuoni. But the place has its own reputation as when you will visit here feel as if you have come to the living room of any rich boy’s chalet. Decorated with few racks with super hipster look like clothing and matched accessories. The look of the store is 100% hipster, as you will consider as one of the prime boutique destinations with multiple brands.

After visiting the place when you want give yourself a makeover hipster look, you may combine their pieces yourself, if you have enough knowledge and confidence on yourself or else you may be dressed by their staffs. The dedicated shoe store of this place has been opened only a few months ago and within this short span, you will find the store more exciting even than the clothing section.

Flo Concept Store carries a wide range of special products collected from the small artisan production with the assurance of their superior quality and selected accessories from social cooperatives. Some of the brands include JFK 68, Gold Bunny, Red Seal, Jejia, Red Seal, Anachronorm, Checkin’ Out, Pane Tulipani, Prima Base, Numero 10 and many more.