Take the pleasure of photography in the relaxing ambience

Located in a century and a half old canal house, FOAM Museum is just beside one of the central canals of Amsterdam. The beautiful interior of the museum has made of a perfect mixing of original architectural appearance and the trendy chrome and the proper use of glasses creates an artistic ambience for all the visitors of the museum. The great advantage of this museum is its large windows and the stark walls that help to highlight the perfect photographic displays. This is the place for displaying both still photography as well as multi-media displays.

The museum organizes the small exhibitions of two or three different international artists simultaneously and rotates its shows regularly. FOAM emerges as an exciting destination for setting up loft-like space for the active workshops. This is the place where you will view top recognized international artists as well as upcoming talents. Now it is up to you to decide what to see. Additionally, FOAM arranges several workshops, magazine publishing and selling of limited edition photographs. You can order them through the webshop of the museum online.