Cultural life of Milano

On the request of Arnaldo Pomodoro, the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro was founded in 1995 as a place for discussion and study on the significant themes and grand figures on contemporary and avant-garde art. Additionally it is considered as the prime cultural center as it holds several conferences, exhibitions, concerts, book presentations and meetings.

After gathering several years experience in Rozzano and also in via Solari in Milan, the Foundation has started continuing its activities in a newly renovated exhibition venue located in via Vigevano 9 from Spring 2013, which is just adjacent to the archives and artist’s studio of the Foundation.

During your Milan trip, don’t forget to go for a visit near the Darsena which is Milan’s inland clock as Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro is just there with the perfect blending of the modern facilities and a location with historical importance. This highly motivating artistic hub has been created among the antique courtyards of canals in between the spot where the sculpture of Pomodoro was born and the Foundation’s venue is established with documentation, promotion and preservation of twentieth-century Italian sculpture and artworks.