45 Rue Saint Honoré,
75001 Paris,

+33 1 40 26 56 35

© Image courtesy of Galerie Celal

Lively manifestation of contemporary world

Since ages Paris has been the nucleus of the world of art and culture. You can hardly find another city in throughout the whole world that is so enriched with art and culture like Paris. That’s why it is the prime location where a great number of world famous art galleries and cultural points have been emerged. In its long list of art galleries, one remarkable destination is Galerie Celal. Surely your Paris visit will remain incomplete without visiting Musée du Louvre or Centre Georges Pompidou. But a visit to Galerie Celal will also be worthy while you will explore a new era of contemporary art.

Galerie Celal started its artistic journey in 2007 with a remarkable location between the Louvre and the Pompidou Center. Since its beginning this art gallery has some exquisite characteristic that has been presented through the artwork of European contemporary urban artists who are comparatively young in age. The art gallery has been nourished with the manual works and influenced with art history, comics and typography, calligraphy, graphic design and much more.

Since 2007, GalerieCelal, based in the center of Paris, between the Louvre and the Pompidou Center, has been presenting the work of young European contemporary urban artists. Nourished by mural work, their gallery styleis very often influenced by art history, as well as comics, mangas and typography, graphic design, calligraphy… All these influences come together in an extremely energetic reaction, which reflects the contemporary state of the world.