Express your love for art

To offer a view of the creative world, Galerie des Galeries have been presented to the art lovers in Milan. The beautiful world of art and craft has hidden itself from others through Galeries Lafayette. From exterior, it comes across as a departmental store. However, it holds an amazing environment inside. Through a private tour in Galerie des Galeries, it is possible to understand the fashion world better. Fashion has amalgamated seamlessly with art.

While entering in to this art gallery, you can be introduced to extended canvas of 70 meter created by renowned artist called Karina Bisch. Through the gallery, present day talent, both from the field of art and fashion can be launched. Four exhibitions are arranged round the year with various titles. French in addition to international designers have found their place with the location. Cross over between diverse divisions of art and fashion can be observed here quite naturally. Master piece installed within the gallery has influenced the departmental store to come up with innovative designs and styles. It has acquired a prominent place in the heart and mind naturally.