Georgenstrasse 15
D – 80799 München
+49 89 384 081-0

© Image courtesy of Galerie Klüser

This inspiring gallery formed through the collaboration of Joseph Beuys and Bernd Kluser. Kluser, who started his career as a law student began to publish works by artist Jorg Schellmann. More and more publications followed.

Additionally Kluser and company published works by Sandro Chia, Francesca Clemente, Donal Judd, Mimmo Paladino and Andy Warhol. Kluser then became completely independent and founded his own gallery featuring Enzo Cucchi, Tony Cragg, Jannis Kounellis, Mimmo Paladino and Andy Warhol.

The independent gallery which stands today is the culmination of Kluser’s epic creative journey which has seen many famous artists featured throughout the years.