Rue de la Régence
Regentschapsstraat 67
1000 Brussels
+32 2 540 28 57

© Image courtesy of Galerie Micheline Szwajcer

Presenting the world’s best art works

Galerie Micheline Szwajcer is the hub of some of the world’s best art works in Antwerpen. The gallery hosts art exhibitions through the year to showcase the creations of emerging, established and talented artists from around the world. The gallery follows the concept of the relationship between arts and its effects on human beings, both socially and cognitively.

What makes the gallery even more exciting is its unique architecture and interior atmosphere. Besides the permanent collection from artists, like Giovanni Anselmo, Stanley Brouwn, Angela Bulloch, David Claerbout, James Coleman, and François Curlet, the gallery puts a diverse range of art works from these artists for sales in its exhibitions.