Grünangergasse 1,
1010 Wien,
  +43 1 5121266

© Image Courtesy of Galerie nächst St. Stephan

A gallery with the representation of life

The Galerie nächst St. Stephan is the emblem of the living tradition for analyzing the art of modern era. Situated at the heart of Vienna at Grünangergasse the art gallery is presenting the great artworks since the 1920s.

The gallery is tirelessly presenting many exhibitions among which some of the featured shows include “Zeichen, Fluten, Signale – neukonstruktiv und parallel” (or Signs, Waves, Signals—Reconstructive and Parallel) and many solo and group exhibitions till date. Even the extensive array of international abstract and concept based art on the areas of painting, installations, photography, video and sculpture have been presented in the continuous process in the gallery.

Not only on exhibitions, has the gallery focused on the consultative supports for the emerging and established artists and the expansion on the public and private collections. Now it is tied with the close collaboration with the international artists, museums and art collectors for more than two decades. Thus the gallery has made its professional foundation with the artworks under the supervision of Rosemarie Schwarzwälder and team. The gallery has also organized several aesthetic discussions and art analysis.