8 Rue Debelleyme,
75003 Paris,

   +33 1 49 96 63 00

© Image courtesy of Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier

Expression of the world

Situated in the center of the Marais, the Picasso Museum, Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier is considered as one of the pioneers of contemporary art galleries since its establishment in 2007. The gallery is fitted by the designer Christophe Pillet expanded in 4 different floors. Each year it generally organizes 8 to 10 exhibitions from the avant-garde artists of Paris as well as from international level. Additionally, the gallery publishes a selective range of exclusively limited edition that is being staged in the way of ‘contemporary Curiosity Cabinet’.

A great number of young as well as well-established French and international artists like Sasha Panyuta, Alexandra Loewe, Nicholas Turner and François ROUSSEAU and so on regularly associated with their annual publications in the multiple categories. The gallery confirms the advancement of the artworks with its famous collections on the ancient ARTCURIAL gallery. These collections are continuously enriched with the exclusive works on contemporary art works from the creator Hubert Le Gall along with Yayoi Kusama, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Bernar Venet and many more.