Widenmayerstraße 49,
80538 München,

  + 49 (0) 89-220 370

© Image Courtesy of Galerie Reygers

Keep your time with Reygers

Cool play of understatement is showcased when Hubertus Reygers has remarked his state of the art shop as a general one. Through an eye of a collector, he has garnered pieces of jewelry, watches and other antics from different places of the world. Therefore, the shop has been taken to another level with the unique and exclusive collection naturally.

From the collection of Galarie Reygers, you can obtain vintage bag from the renowned brand Hermes. If you love antics then you must look at the Murano glasses. It has been created in the 1950s to give utmost pleasure. Through an exhibition of Christian Gierath, your experience with this shop can be taken to another level.

Masterpieces are offered from the house of Galerie Reygers. They have presented watches from the brands like Patek and Rolex. Other designers have contributed to these artifacts as well. From the era of 1950s and 1960s, vintage jewelry has been offered. Through these antics, it becomes possible to go back in the time seamlessly. Seasonal exhibition from photographer has helped to increase popularity of this institution.