Portrait of German artisans

The avant-garde of international arts, Galerie Vera Munro is the museum where you will feel fortunate enough to explore the affinity towards the aesthetic and conceptual research on the fields of painting, installation, sculpture, photography, video and drawings. It truly represents German arts and culture as each year it organizes nearly 6 exhibitions along with active participation in the international art fairs. Its spacious gallery consists of 4 exhibition rooms along with a 200 sqm showroom.

This world famous art gallery started its journey in 1977. In its colorful and glorious journey, several internal and national artists have exhibited their lifelong creations. Among its well-established and emerging artists, Eriks Apalais, Jänis Avotins, Wawrzyniec Tokarski, Jean-Marc Bustamante, Miwa Ogasawara, John M. Armleder, Franz Erhard Walther, Paul Winstanley and many more names are there who have glorified the place with their famous creations. Therefore, it is very obvious that the gallery is the source of publications of several art books. It is one of Germany’s must see art attraction where the time holds you in its own pace.