Unique and exclusive art destination

Since ages Italian art has been greatly enriched by the immense contribution of innumerous artists. You have come to know from the artworks during the Age of Renaissance and so on. The new destination of Italian art is Galleria Otto. Since its foundation in 1992, it is the landmark of the greatest contemporary artists, well informed audience and the critics as the gallery is enriched with the collections from the private artists to the Foundations and Institutional Museums.

In 2002, the place has undergone through renovations and its new premises of the Palazzo Montalto in Via D’Azeglio 55, Florence has organized several exhibitions. The gallery is greatly enriched with the avant-garde collections of artworks on furnishing, containers, labels, sitting, carpets, beds, lamps, tables, megalopolis along with sculpture, painting and photos. Both institutional and personal exhibitions of different great artists throughout ages such as Wainer Vaccari, Nunzio, Gilberto Zorio, Nicholas Howey, Luigi Carboni, José Sanleon, Marco Tirelli, Gianni Dessi, Giovanni Manfredini, Russell Scarpulla, Eliseo Mattiacci, Andrea Sheets and many more have been contributed in the gallery.