Discovering English history in a new perspective

Among the museum scenario of London, if you want to explore a place with most friendly and charming atmosphere, you must visit once in Geffrye Museum. Since 1600 to the present, the museum is beautifully representing the changing style of domestic interiors especially in the urban middle classes in England, and more specifically London. It is the amazing museum where you can enjoy William Morris and Ikea under same roof. Surrounded by lovely gardens, the museum is set in the lovely 18th century almshouses. In fact, the series of periodic gardens will present you the changing style of London town-gardens along with an award-winning herb garden.

Just take a walk through the several rooms of the museum and you will experience how English furniture, decorative art and paintings have been changing through the years. This is the place where you will experience the rare progression of elegant Georgian interiors to the top Victorian décor. After viewing the chronological sequence of room furnishing over the past 400 years, you will gain the knowledge on the progression in the society, changes in the style, fashion, taste and behavior.