Zeil 85-93
60313 Frankfurt am Main

+49.69.94 94 77 70

© Image courtesy of Gibson Lounge

Loving the nightlife of Frankfurt

From the beginning, Gibson Louge has managed to create a lot of sensation in the nightlife of Frankfurt, Germany. Music lovers of the city have been delighted to hear live music in this excellent club. Through an exposed brick wall, both the DJs and bands are open to the showcase their talent to live audience in the adjacent area. Newcomers to world renowned stars in the music arena have graced the stage with pleasure. Gibson Louge has certainly proud about presenting new talents.

By placing the Louge in the middle of the town, half the trick has been done by the owner. In order to come across your favorite band in Gibson Louge in weekdays, programming schedule can be checked. In addition to music, it has become a destination for drink lovers. While the longe has been set within an area of 50 square, it can suffice your thirst for both music and drinks. It is an ultimate place for relaxation of soul and mind. Welcoming ambience of the place may invite you to the place time and again. Nightlife of Frankfurt may become dull without Gibson Louge.