Gourmet re-interpreted

Glass is a modern gourmet restaurant in Berlin that is world famous for its chef, Gal Ben Moshe, and his playful menu. Glass is the most exhilarating gourmet restaurant in Berlin and is located in Uhlandstrasse, which is very close to Kurfürstendamm.

Glass is the brainchild of Israeli-born chef, Gal Ben Moshe, who after years of cooking experience in first-class kitchens, wanted to try an extraordinary project which is why he has put his whole heart and soul into creating perfection at Glass. The chef reinvents traditional dishes and ideas with a twist, creating a delectable menu of cuisines from around the world. Vegetarians will be happy to see menu options catering for them, including ‘Forest in a Glass’ and the beetroot, poppy seed and ricotta Agnolotti.