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80469 München,

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© Image Courtesy of Goetterspeise

Delight for the Chocolate Lovers

From the bottom of heart, a sense of pleasure, sensuality and excitement is aroused by looking at the collection of Goetterspeise. If you enter at the shop even for once then it is certain that you will fall in love with it completely in due course. It is place where you can share your emotion along with your food. Therefore, it has become favorite place for meeting.

It is not possible to overlook this shop if you are a lover of chocolate. The shop also falls on the list of visitors naturally. Through a single bit of this delightful chocolate, sense of real pleasure can be guaranteed. True meaning of this shop has been understood by the owner when they have given the name Goetterspeise. It means “ambrosia” that can be recognized as the collection of hot drinks, delight and gifts.

Apart from the delectable chocolate items, they have also inspired art through the exhibition that has opened for the first time in the year 2006. Master pieces are created with the mere and simple chocolate. Through the smell of Praline, contact can be made with the inner self.