Via Savona, 101,
20144 Milano,
+39 02 4547 0449

© Image courtesy of Gogol & Company

Lost in the world of books

Gogol & Company is a combination of a library, a bistro and a restaurant. When you visit this place, you will see a perfect fusion of various cultural impulses that combine to give one of the most pleasurable experiences in the heart of Milan. A cluster of tables is arranged outside the venue, Gogol & Company maintains a perfect serenity and ambiance when there is no traffic.

It features a world of books, and is a great place for avid readers. Moreover, the foods offered at the venue are of high quality and delicious taste.

The store beautifully preserves the story of friendship, sophistication and simplicity with the retro offering for the bookworms of all ages. So, are you ready to explore the rare collection of books to find the one you have been searching for a long time?