Graanmarkt 13
2000 Antwerp
  +32 3 337 79 93

© Image courtesy of Graanmarkt 13

The Apartment

Home away from Home

For a warm and humble abode, it is better to look towards Graanmarkt 13. Through a remarkable idea, entire area of townhouse has been redecorated exclusively for you. Conventional and traditional location has been given a twist with the craftsmanship of the Vincent Van Duysen from Belgium. Graamarkt 13 is considered as a secret that has been secured especially for you. At the initial stage, an idea of restaurant at basement has struck a chord in the head of the owners. However, Later on, it has been turned in to a luxurious apartment by utilizing the remaining place.

Brutalism from the architect is reflected through the style of these duplex apartments. By using the natural materials like thread, it has become possible to give a new look to these apartments. Personalized services are offered as the owners used to stay within same perimeter. Their presence can be felt from every corner of the apartment. Panoramic view from the top floor is quite amazing. Even after leaving the place, it can be missed severely. In spite of being in the same location with restaurant, privacy of the customer is given preference completely.






The Restaurant

Spent an evening leisurely in shaded heaven

For the first time, Graanmarkt 13 can be discovered as an accident as it is a sheltered place. It is a little yet lovely place that brings a smile in the faces of customer. After travelling around the city center, Graanmarkt 13 can be considered as a respite. Tired and weary legs can be offered some rest along with delectable food items. Dishes can be selected from the both hot and cold menus. Electrifying atmosphere has added to the nature of the place further.

Customized food items are offered from the fish to side dishes with vegetables. Three courses are served on every occasion. As the food is made fresh, you can share your tips with the chef. Therefore, vegetarian dishes can be prepared if the customer desires so. In case of allergies, it can be eliminated from the dishes. In spite of special attention, it does not charge even a single penny for their service.

A beautiful Sunday morning can be spent in the basement of this restaurant. Through shades, it has offered a huge relaxation. You can certainly take your time to finish the lunch as there is hurry.







The Store

A perfect place for shopping

Unique identity has been created through the store called brand Graanmarkt 13. At the basement of this location, you can be delighted to find a remarkable restaurant that offers delicious food to satisfy your body and mind. It is a high end boutique in the middle of the city. From fashion object of curious nature to collectible items can be found through these stores. By selecting the items individually for the boutique, a remarkable itinerary has been created for the client.

Through the aroma of store, homely feeling can be experienced completely. Clients are welcomed amid of the store with handmade china on the shelf. They have been considered as the guest instead of mere customer. Therefore, more attachment can be felt with these stores. In addition to exquisite clothes, different kinds of accessories such as jewelry, shoes, bags and home decorations are offered. Handmade pieces of home decorations have certainly favored by the clients. Designs are presented from upcoming talents to renowned brands and designers. Complete indulgence of soul is ensured with a shopping extravaganza at Graanmarkt 13.