Via Il Prato, 42,
50123 Firenze,
   +39 055 277171

© Image courtesy of Grand Hotel Villa Medici

Where history blends with modernity

Grand Hotel Villa Medici is a historical residence that is located in the heart of Florence just walking distance away from the prime art sites and the major shopping centers. Founded in 1928 by several well known and avant-garde European hoteliers, the hotel is effortlessly serving its wide ranging guests throughout numerous decades. Due to its supreme quality and distinctiveness the hotel has been selected as the part of LHW. By visiting the hotel you will be amazed to discover that hospitality is not just an industry for them, it is an art and passion.

The wonderful location of the hotel can take you to the impressive attractions like Uffizi Gallery, the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio. The environment of the hotel is impressive enough where you will explore the high quality service with the elegance of interior furnishings. The heritage masterpiece of the hotel is its magical Royal Suite that can transform a convivial occasion into memorable celebration. Its penthouse rooms will provide the private terrace with the stunning views of Florence. Considered among the luxury range of hotels it fulfills all the requirements on accommodations, cuisines, service and facilities in every aspect.