Get ready to party in Berlin

Enjoy the best of Berlin’s nightlife at Gretchen – a popular nightclub in the Kreuzberg district that is known for its leftfield beats. Playing a mixture of contemporary music including bass, electronica, dubstep, drum ‘n bass, house, and experimental music, Gretchen hosts DJs and live concerts and is a venue filled with great music and excitement. The club’s name symbolises purity and innocence and was inspired by the character Gretchen from Goethe’s Faust. This iconic club is well worth a visit for people who love to party and are keen to experience one of Berlin’s top nightlife attractions.

In the list of contemporary clubs, Gretchen holds the number one position. International booking can be seen in the location due to great sound. Complexity of modern day music has found an avenue to express here. From Electronica to hip hop can be enjoyed easily at Gretchen.