An oasis of creativity and collaboration

Situated in Amhurst Road in Hackney, East London, Hackney Downs Studios offers the studio space for more than 100 independent creative businesses where you will find professions from filmmakers to architects, florists to record labels, 3D printers to cabinetmakers. Moreoevr, Hackney Downs Studios is the home for The Village Green Market, The Russet bar and The Theatre.

The significance of the place lies in its everything-under-the-same-umbrella atmosphere where you will be amazed to find interesting events, bars, cafes, clubs, markets and unnecessary to mention artist studios that the talented people can hire too. The transformation of disused industrial estate into the creative community hub has proved beneficial for the retail units, co-working space and the studio space. The aim of Hackney Downs Studios is to facilitate collaboration, creativity and innovation so that the creative-minded people will be fostered properly with the right atmosphere.