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80469 München,
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© Image Courtesy of  Haltbar

Redefine your style

Through the essence of fashion label Haltbar, it is possible to get an idea of strength easily. In the world of fashion, it is a revelation for the people. From its opening in year 2001, heart of people has been won with twist of the finger by the designer Kathleen Koening. Handmade product has been showcased through the shop for an excellent experience for the people.  A perfect combination of brands and handicrafts can be found. Conscious decision has been made by the management of the shop to redefine traditional products as well.

Collaboration has been done with the artist like Alexa Freuch and Carmen Cichon in order to offer an excellent look for the label. Hatbar has concentrated on the both men and women. Treasure chest is presented in front of the customer with this shop. In order to bring out this unisex collection, Kathleen Koening has joined forces with Kostas Murkudis. It has added a new feather to the brand.

Due to exclusive range of product, customer wants to come back in the shop time and again. By looking at the collection, you can be delighted. It becomes to choose an item from their range.