Contemporary art in the guise of industry

Situated in one of the ugly neighbourhoods of Milan, Hangar Bicocca is a gallery you may feel hesitant to visit because of its surrounding. However, once you enter the place, you would find yourself among one of the world’s unique art collection. Hangar Bicocca focuses on the promotion and creation of contemporary arts.

The owner Ansaldo-Breda-Pirelli founded Hangar Bicocca in 2004. Thanks to his artistic vision, ideas and skills, the post-industrial plant has been converted into a centre of contemporary art and culture. The venue’s simplicity sets it apart from others. It does not even have any famous landmark in its proximity.

Pirelli has invested extensive efforts into renovating this place for almost 15 years, and finally shaped it into a place worth visiting. Hangar Bicocca frequently hosts events like exhibitions, shows and programmes directed at the production and promotion of modern art.