A delightful mix of styles and tastes!

Experiencing Hayashi doesn’t mean that you are visiting a mere boutique; it means that you are in the worship place for trendy and kooky fashion. An extensive range of classic brands along with the level of most of the cutting edge designers are being presented only for you in this shop where you can experience the utmost fun of shopping by grabbing your favorite designer dress.

When you are in the mood to wear some crazy designs as Martin Margella’s definitely your shopping destination in Frankfurt will be none other than Hayashi. And if you are looking for some sober pieces like German designer Helmut Lang then also you need to visit Hayashi as it is one of the most authentic designer shopping destinations in Frankfurt.

It is not only the boutique, but also Hayashi often conducts numerous fashion exhibitions with the collaboration of The Bohème together in Paris in 1900 outfits.