Bäckerbreitergang 75,
20355 Hamburg,

  +49 40 48408860

© Image courtesy of Helium Cowboy

HeliumCowboy – showcase for artwork that is a reflection of the society and the self

This space showcases art works by creators who very closely observe the changes in the realm of the artworld and the outside world and use their creativity to portray those observations through their creations.

Artists and their works go beyond boundaries. A song by Sonny Bono written in the 1970’s, “A cowboy’s work is never done” inspires HeliumCowboy to extend their reach beyond Hamburg by organizing exhibitions for artistes from around the world and in other cities across the globe.

They selectively showcase artists and do not believe in a traditional gallery concept. It is contemporary and has an online presence. Some of the artistes represented here are Boris Hoppek, Nina Braun, Alex Diamond, Julia Benz, David Shillinglaw, Elmar Lawse, Stephen Smith, Christopher Lambert, Moki, Friends with you, Casey McKee, 56K and others.

Those visiting Hamburg and interested in art make it a point to visit HeliumCowboy. This space is different from the rest. HeliumCowboy doesn’t mind getting its hands dirty in helping artistes reach out to the outside world through their work.