Welcome to Henri

In the presence of Henri, you can be completely relaxed even while staying at a foreign land. It is one of newest additions in to the world of hotels that is close to house. Therefore, it can be represented as a temporary home to you. Desired things can be presented in front you when you are still confused about the Henri’s motive. It complexly understands you. Solution to the problems can be achieved by staying in the place.

Environment of home is not missed due to excellent and friendly interior of the Hotel Henri. In order to invite you, warm hands are extended in the backdrop of beautiful scenery. It is not human. However, complete humanly care can be experience from it. In the downtown of Hamburg, it is a placed to give utmost pleasure.

Both modern day amenities and hospitality can be enjoyed with Hotel Henri. It is known for its homely atmosphere with the hint of international taste. Different facets of hotel can be observed at once. It is sprawled over seven floors with 65 rooms. For the comfort, it has been segregated in three parts. They are known as loft Suites, L-Studios and M-Studios.