Presenting a boutique hotel

At the center of Antwerp, you can find a hotel with 21 rooms in addition to bar and spa. Through this boutique hotel, revolution has been started in Belgium. It still holds a firm position in the city. In the midst of busy city, you can be offered every possible thing that you have wished for. Complete royal feeling is offered with the luxurious bed and interior of the hotel. If you give a look at the side table then interesting books can be found that is considered as delight for creative minds.

By offering a homemade cake, it has been offering a home like feel in a distant land. The bars are quite well stocked. Therefore, you do not have to compromise on the choice of drinks. Special feeling is provided through beautiful ambience. If you have booked yourself with the Hotel Julien even once then you can be obliged to visit the location once again in near future.

A hint of super stylish life can be presented with this calm oasis. If you have a fetish for shopping then it can be fulfilled easily through nearby shops.