A vibrant exhibition place and social venue

Hundred Years Gallery is an eminent gallery that has established itself by providing an influential platform for the London-based as well as international emerging artists. Located in 13 Pearson Street, the gallery is just around the corner from Geffrye Museum and only 150 meters from Hoxton Overground station. Therefore, if you are interested in contemporary art, why are you delaying to visit this easily accessible museum while experiencing the experimental music at East End of London?

With the help of Montse Gallego, the director, artist and art curator, the gallery provides wide-ranging exhibitions and several event programs related to present cultural and political debates. The major aim of the gallery is to deliver the mind-blowing presentation and production of pioneering and innovative art. Ranging from visual to digital form of art, installation to performance-based work, the gallery will present all forms of contemporary art. In the last three years, the gallery presented more than 40 important exhibitions and over 100 live events provided by both London based and internationally renowned artists. Along with the gallery, you can also experience the cosy coffee corner and the shop where you can acquire affordable artworks, artists’ book, design objects etc.