© Image courtesy of IJ-Hallen

Place for Shopping the Antiques

Considered as the biggest and most exceptional kind of flea market in Europe, the IJ-Hallen has been attracting a great number of shopping lover people. The market is situated in the most densely inhabited location in The Netherlands. The massive size of the market and perfectly balanced organization of the supply and demand management have made the market so popular.

The uniqueness of this flea market place has been increased with the wide array of its products and items. The IJ-Hallen is the paradise for the shopping lovers who have special fascination for the antique pieces. In fact its exclusive range of products include clothes, utensils, baggage, art and sculpture, furniture, books, textiles and bric-a-brac for all ages and of all shapes and sizes. Not only shopping, the attraction of the market is added by its great bargaining facility.

This largest flea market in the Netherlands consists of two massive sized halls where all the dealings take place. Here selling of new wares and any whole sale products are not allowed. The visitors can park their cars at the cost of € 1.30 per hour and €7.80 a day as the timing starts from 9am. The parking cost is definitely free for the merchants. The place is so wonderfully located that it is accessible by car from Ring Amsterdam, by bus from Amsterdam Central Station and also by ferry of NDSM-werf. A visit to this largest flea market will definitely make your travel worthwhile.