Kaiserstrasse 47,
80801 München,

  + 49 89 38160691

© Image Courtesy of Ingo Maurer

Missing this Munich Showroom is a crime

Designs of light from Ingo Maurer have offered a sense of joy in the life. If you decide to visit Munich then the office or rather showroom of Ingo Maurer must not be missed. From the head of this native genius, wonderful ideas have been created that has mesmerized the complete world. The water column with the height of 15 foot can be remarked as stunning.

From mere prototype to project work has been placed in this single location for the customer. The true enchantment of light has engulfed the place completely.  While looking at the place, you can certainly become awe struck. Due to light design and craftsmanship of the designer, interior of the house can be brightened further.

The space has been generated from an old factory building. Exhibition of lighting from the design house of Ingo Maurer is remained at the same location almost throughout the year. Life can be enjoyed in its truest form through these lights. In addition to showroom, it has also become a space to share ideas and dialogues on the different issues of interior.