Rich History Unveils

As headquarter of De Tijd, a Dutch newspaper, many stories have come alive in this place with ink. Bohemian style of a story collector has been reflected through the interior of the Ink hotel. By transforming the norms of hospitality, a new definition has been created for the travelers. In their own unique way, they have offered ultimate luxury. However, it is not constrained you over the issues of time in any possible way.

Through the interior of hotel, reference of the glorious past has been obtained through writing, journalistic articles and printing papers. In the lobby and restaurant, this quirky style of interior goes along with you. It may even follow you till the rooms. Nice and warm bed waits for you in the hotel rooms. After a tiring day, it can provide perfect ambience for relaxation. In the morning, you can open your eyes with excellent breakfast. Surprising menu for breakfast is served instead of following the general rules with croissant and juices. By taking a ride from the central station, you can reach the place with mere 5 minutes.