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22609 Hamburg,
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© Image courtesy of Jenisch Haus

Revisit 19th Century

On the spacious bank of Elbe, historical building of Jenisch Haus resides to offer an excellent architecture in addition to a peak through history. The place has been country estate of Senator of Hamburg Senator Martin Johann von Jenisch, Jr. Specimen of structural design from the year between 1831 and 1834 can be found with this place. Craftsmanship of the architects K.F. Schinkel and F.G. Forsman are found all over the place.

According to the style of the era, the rooms have been decorated. Special exhibitions of architecture, design and art are held in this location. It is generally organized in the second floor of the building. Experience special festivals in summer days, concerts and readings can be enjoyed with Jenisch Haus as well. If you visit the place between May and September then Chamber Concerts can be observed within the periphery of White Room.

Jenisch Haus can be remembered as the Museum of Arts and Culture as well. First floor of the building has stood to present piquet floors with rich stucco, paintings, furniture and sculptures. Everything can be seen straight from the Biedermeirer and Empire. If you are too exhausted with the day tour of museum then coffee can enjoyed in the outdoor terrace.