An inspiring oriental journey

If someone lists the hottest and most luxurious nightclubs in Amsterdam, Jimmy Woo may be at the top. Due to its posh and elegant atmosphere, Jimmy Woo attracts the chic and sophisticated Amsterdam clienteles who fit with its lush décor. Since its opening in 2003, this nightclub cum lounge takes you to the extraordinary journey of breathtaking luxury, glamour and style. Originally, the tongue-in-cheek premise of the club is actually the home of Jimmy Woo and the glass door at its entrance permits a close view towards the bedroom of fictional Mr. Woo. The upstairs décor with an exquisite bar, cozy booths and black couches with the trendy touch of fluorescent purple lights is based on an exotic Asian theme.

After a visit to Jimmy Woo, you will understand that clubbing is elevated here to an unknown level. The sound of its music is the key component of this club. That’s why Jimmy Woo guarantees the best available sound in Amsterdam as it is exclusively designed by Funktion One by importing from London. Every night the club will present the most up-to-date selection of music from its finest resident DJs that includes the electric mix of Disco, Hip Hop, Funk, House, Soul and R&B. The luxurious, impeccable environment, the buzzing energy and lively clienteles make this nightclub one of the most exciting destinations in the town that you should not miss at all.