This is what a nightclub should be!

Unlike the other nightclubs of Copenhagen, KB18 is greatly recognized as the underground music venue. This cool, urban and underground club will definitely impress you with their great selection of artists from the genres like techno, electronica, garage rock, alternative rock and punk rock. The intimate and unconventional interior of the place will allow you to enjoy night long, as it opens hours until morning. Moreover, you will like the place due to its low ceiling, graffiti and unfurnished floor available in cheaper price.

When you set out for the destination of KB18, you first mission will be to find out the place in the furthermost corner of Kødbyen area. As its entrance is in entirely inside yard, you can hardly notice the place from the street. The main attraction of the place is its awesome music presented by the amazing artists. After visiting the place, you will ultimately realize what a music club should be. When this dark and deserted space injected with the soul of music, it is magically transformed into a joyful box filled with soul –warming, heart-bouncing, dance-urging amazing music.