Mannesmannufer 1b,
40213 Düsseldorf,
+49 (0) 211.89 20 769

© Image courtesy of KIT-Kunst im Tunnel

Exploring art with perfect gastronomy

KIT – Art in the tunnel (Kunst im Tunnel) is an architectural studio for steel, tree and Fritschi. Earlier after delivering the design and plan for the Rhine promenade, this art studio was specially built in 2006 in the foundational year of Quadrennial Dusseldorf. The initiation of this tunnel art museum has been developed with the concept of awareness of an exhibition space.

At the entrance of KIT you will be mesmerized to find the glass pavilion by facing the Rhine promenade along with the housed KIT Café. This café is impressive enough to be one of the best gastronomic addresses on the Rhine in additional of its beautiful scenery. Surely you will find it as the most beautiful place for relaxation and enjoyment along with the sun-shining glory, beautifully located terrace and the spectacular view of the winding Rhine.

In this place nearly four to six exhibitions are held alternating ways throughout the year. The prime focus of the exhibitions remain in its presentation of promising, contemporary art in several genres and colours such as painting, photography, video art, sculpture and installation.