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© Image courtesy of Kölnische Stadtmuseum

In the alley Middle Age’s Cologne

The witness of Cologne’s history from the middle ages to present age, Kölnische Stadtmuseum or the Cologne city museum has been uninterruptedly collecting and preserving numerous historical objects since it’s starting in 1888. Undoubtedly it is a very noble effort to preserve the rich historical heritage of the city for the present and future generations. And the speciality of the effort is that it is not being done behind the closed door but publicly and actively through several exhibitions and conciliation offers.

The visit of Cologne cannot be completed without visiting its 1200 years historical overview. This permanent exhibition mainly focuses on the scientifically sound the exciting presentation of various things beyond the individual municipal topics of the history. Thus substantial claims, entertainment, historical publication have been beautifully amalgamated here.

This museum is specially meant for those inquisitive and curious history lovers who have huge enthusiasm to explore the eventful history of this cathedral city. Thus the museum is the place for learning as well as meeting for the common while spending some personal time to know history.