Mediating contemporary real life art shows

The Kunsthalle, the concrete block was built in 1967 which is considered as one of the tersest buildings in Düsseldorf. It was built by following the design of architect Konrad Beckmann and now it is a rare kind of example of raw architecture. In the 1950s Beckmann along with Brocks utilized the prefabricated concrete blocks for developing this building for entirely economic reasons and consequently they had to face more than just a usual challenge. Therefore, it is now the utmost importance to renovate and maintain the Kunsthalle as the oldest place for exhibition of the contemporary and modern art in the lively city as Düsseldorf. From all around the world, visitors get attracted and fascinated to view the interior of the building, its structural simplicity and munificently dimensioned exhibition halls. Even after several decades of its journey, this art exhibition place has not lost its glory a little. A great number of pioneering exhibition have been held here including the “Prospect” series and numerous international artists have started their journey in the art career from this Düsseldorf Kunsthalle.