Auguststraße 69
10117 Berlin
+49 30 2434590

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Art without the pretenses of art

If there is any place where the pressing questions about the contemporary art can be openly formulated and discussed, it is none other than in KW Institute for Contemporary Art- a place for the production as well as presentation of contemporary art. There are numerous artistic developments in national and international levels have taken shape from this center. In fact it plays the role of prima facie for the further growth of contemporary artistic development by working together with several institutions and artists along with commissioning new works.

KW has enriched the world of art with superior degree of flexibility by creating its numerous programs and addressing to the audience. Though unlike other art institution, it has emerged as a contemporary art hub without the collection of its own and without specific mandate of member-based association; it has heightened the contemporary art of Germany to the zenith by providing sufficient resources to the people who make the proper use of it and to them who love to participate as visitors.

The building complex includes a laboratory to develop further international art exhibition, functions rooms, cafés, alongside studios and apartments and many more for purpose of encounter and exchange art.