Enliven Parisian spirit

If you want to capture the true Parisian charm, then your destination must be La Bellevilloise, the first Parisian cooperative that had been built to provide an accession to political culture and education to the middle class society of Paris. La Bellevilloise was founded in 1877 right after the Commune near Père Lachaise cemetery.

Since its birth, La Bellevilloise has been playing an enormous role in the cultural and economical life of Paris such as it was the place where first commercial exchange between producers to consumers, early reasonable trades and shows took place.

The place has been structured on five different levels- La Halle aux Oliviers, Terrace, Club, Forum and the Loft. These five different places of La Bellevilloise carry their own characteristics with complementary colours that can accommodate more than 1500 people. Truly you can find the Parisian spirit by organizing big projects including events, meetings and festivals with its all equipped ambience.

From 2005, this place has been enliven by the effort of Fabrice Martinez, Philippe Jupin and Renaud Barillet who reopened the place with the urge of artistic activity and several happening of the public lives, media and companies in unique Parisian style.