La Giostra – a splendid dining experience in Florence

If a dinner by the candle and twinkle light is your idea of a romantic dinner date, then La Giostra is the place to go. The pasta is homemade and some off the menu items can be ordered. Menu card reads in Italian but the waiting staff will helpfully translate that in English. There is a complimentary antipasti platter, bread and a glass of prosecco wine. They have both vegan and vegetarian options.  The restaurant was started by the late Prince Dimitri Kunz d’Asburgo Lorena and is now efficiently run by his twin sons. The chef goes around tables to make sure all is ok. By American standards, the portions are huge. The steak is much mentioned and a must have. Other items that are rated “must try” include veal with artichoke, risotto, gnocchi and dessert like tiramisu. Celebrities drop by this place and their pictures on the wall are a testimony to this fact. A gastronome’s delight, the pear ravioli, their specialty will have you talking about it. Considering the popularity that this place enjoys, reservation is recommended.