Bleicherweg 10, 8002
  + 043 817 62 82

© Image courtesy of La Stanza

Enjoying your cup of coffee with the bankers

La Stanza is a popular, but small posh café in Zurich that is well known for its so-called ‘meeting’. This Italian style coffee bar is the ideal place to enjoy coffee or stop by for a drink. Situated in Paradeplatz, the café offers a wide range of variety in Mediterranean wines, liquors and drinks with the local beer Paul. The café will delight you with its perfect Italian experience, thanks to the stone bar, big steaming coffee machine (a 1963s Faema) and the service provided by the stylish black-tied owners.

It is truly impressive to watch well-dressed people taking sips on their sprizz, coffee or cocktails, especially on the window side benches. The prime attraction of La Stanza is its espresso coffee prepared in the 1963 Faema coffee maker. So, if you are visiting this place, do not forget to taste the espresso with chocolaty consistency and hints of nuts.