Large Glass was founded in 2011 by Charlotte Schepke, as a commercial space for new encounters. Guided by the spirit of Marcel Duchamp, it aims to show contemporary art through a particular and uncommon lens, presenting individually conceived and curated exhibitions on a diversity of themes. It is sited on the Caledonian Road, between Kings Cross and Islington, off the traditional gallery circuit. Large Glass is a place to contemplate and discuss art, as well as buy it; where works of international artists are sold alongside objects and editions; where there are probing discussions, as well as wine tastings. ‘At a time when most galleries seem relatively similar, Large Glass manifests a quite different sensibility in its approach to art and exhibition making. Its modesty makes it feel old fashioned but its shows are notably contemporary. It seems unlikely that the exhibitions one sees there could be found anywhere else, that they touch on something others have missed.’ —Michael Craig-Martin ‘Large Glass is a rare thing, one of those special places, where you might have an exquisite aesthetic encounter, where all the senses are engaged. There you might witness a dialogue between two strangers, one a psychoanalyst, another an artist with a question that needs answering. You might be listening to a carefully selected text read out loud by a Booker Prize nominated author, or simply view an exhibition about apples or chairs. I’m definitely hooked!’ —Cornelia Parker