40 Rue de Sévigné,
75003 Paris,

+33 1 48 87 10 22

© Image courtesy of L’Eclaireur

Not just a shop, its experience……

L’Eclaireur is considered as the first concept store of Paris fashion who is celebrating its 30th birthday. Throughout its journey it has always be the avant-garde of combining fashion and design by breaking away the traditional system of distribution. From the name of the shop, you will get the clear vision in the world of fashion what is coming next in the realm of fashion, design and art. With the initiative of Armand & Martine Hadida the professional sector of retail selling has got a new dimension with this concept store. The main principle of the shop is to utmost customer’s satisfaction through extremely prickly edged choices and the dedicated service to fulfill the needs of its specific customers.

The uniqueness of the shop is that here the customers are invited to take part in the story when the creators will appear to be the actors. In fact it is the constant quest for which the duo Hadida, the artistic director and founder of the shop love to tell story. This is the place where you will find the inter-play of reality and illusion through finding a story.