A miniature departmental store for fashion

Notable as an independent store in Shoreditch of East London, Luna & Curious is owned and run by three creative genius Polly George, Rheanna Lingham and Kaoru Parry. They have combined their creative urge to provide you the unique and inspiring shopping experience. When you will visit the place, you can sense the personality of the trio have been reflected everywhere in the shop. Presented as a miniature departmental store, you will be delighted to find the wonderful collection of womenswear, beauty, jewellery, stationary, accessories, childrenswear and homewear. It is the house of several exclusive products brands including the in-house brands of the trios.

Since its foundation as a collective retail store in 2006, Luna & Curious is the place to explore the new brands, may be those are local or international. Believed in the philosophy for the British made products only, the store has produced a series of launches in the British fashion world. The scalability of Luna & Curious is the high craftsmanship, excellent design and traditional skills where they choose the finest products from the international markets.