Paradise of Argentine wine

The famous Argentine national grape Malbec is worldwide recognized for its high volume, dark color and soft tannins. Naming after this fruit, Malbeck Vinsortimentet is the exclusive shop offering Argentine and bottle card more than hundred and twenty options. The best thing about this Copenhagen wine shop is that here you can decide your wine glass by tasting the wine before.

The specialty of Malbeck is that it is a liquor store of its own import. That’s why all its wine taverns maintain the smaller quantity with higher quality like Argentine wine. Due to its own import, the shop will please enough with the favorable prices out of the house.

The wine intoxication will not be completed until you will not be given the perfect ambiance as Malbeck. Here you can enjoy your boozing with the perfect combination of b-boy grooves, old-school hip hop, electro, jazzy beats, swing, soul, dirty funk, swing and reggae. The famous wine shop is located in Istedgade among the Vesterbro oldest pubs, formerly known as the iron rod. The warm and hospitable environment of the shop has created it as the paradise for the wine lovers and connoisseurs.