Great composition of contemporary arts

Located in Moltkestraße 81, Cologne, Martinetz is the must-see art gallery in Germany where you will have the expedition through contemporary arts. The gallery remains open from Wednesday to Saturday from 1 pm to 6 pm in order to present you both solo exhibitions as well as cinema shows. The gallery presents you the solo exhibitions by Albert Mayr, Thomas Palme, Christian Eisenberger and viennacontemporary CINEMA by Olaf Stüber.

The gallery provides a strong platform for the emerging talents of Italy as well as well-established artists from several art fields. Among the various artworks, you should not miss the installation works by Christian Keinstar which is truly impressive as you will experience materiality, dynamism, energy, transformation, transience and death. The galley offers you the innovative way of the artists to express themselves to the public, specially art lovers and media.